Guide to Choosing the Type of Wood Flooring

The value of your home will be more beautiful if you use a wood floor. Wooden floors beloved than stone or marble floor, because these floors have great warmth and gives your home a warm feeling.

We have a variety of design choices of wood flooring or flooring materials. Type of wood you choose depends on your personal preferences as well as home decor. The wood floors are suitable for almost any room in your home, but hardwood floors are not good to use in the shower because the nature of the humidity in the bathroom.

Wood species remains a major concern on the wood floor, as every species has a hardness of different wood. Popular choice of wood species is oak, cherry, hickory, maple, and walnut bellawood. This type of wood has the color and pattern. Consider choosing a natural color wood because it will reveal its own beauty. Hardwood species, such as walnut and cherry have a texture that does not need to be treated staining.

Once you determine the type of wood, and then consider finishing options. Due in stores sold many different types of wood flooring, pre-finished condition. Wood floor finishes pre-conditions have been protected with an anti-stain. In terms of price, pre-finished wood flooring is more expensive, but will save time in installation.

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Options other types of wood flooring are distressed or reclaimed flooring. This floor has a rough texture, but it has its own beauty and character of hardwood floors. The advantage of this type of wood flooring is not easily show scratches compared to urethane floors.

Another wood flooring option is laminate flooring. This floor resembles real wood and has a cheaper price. If good quality laminate, then it is hard to distinguish between real hardwood floors with laminate wood flooring.

The process of flooring installation and completion is needed sand, stain and urethane floors. After completion of installation, the floor needs sanding to make it look neat and flat. This process takes several days.

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