Furniture Design for a Scandinavian Styled Living Room

Gone are the days when Scandinavian style living room was considered as white, stark and unlovable. In this modern world, the incorporation of different colors and use of patterned patterns are adding beauty and making the living room furniture design looking great.

To have that modern Scandinavian living room that is more exciting and stylish, consider using and incorporating the following ideas.

1. Choose clean-lined furnishings

Go for furnishings that are appealing to you. The chairs you choose for your living room need to be comfortable and cushy. There are plenty of sleek sofas that will add class to your house. Artistically designed chairs in different shapes and sizes will also make the living room look great.

2. Accessorize with color

Scandinavian design calls for brightness and warmth. Therefore, this calls for a light interior design mixed with warm decorative touches. If your furniture is black and white, it will be easier to add color and make it more attractive and bold colors are the best in this situation. Try changing the color of the decorative pillows or a picture on the wall. You can use patterned and checkered pillows in a variety of colors.

3. Add wooden detail

Wooden furniture always adds warmth to any open space. Any furniture design with an element of wood creates a golden glow that makes the living room appear lively. You won’t go wrong with wooden furniture with trimmed endings and furnishings. Also wooden details like carvings can be introduced and placed on already available furniture to create a wooden touch.

4. Introduce metallic accents

Scandinavian furnishings having metal accents make a beautiful furniture design. The use of stainless steel stands out when designing decorative pieces like bowls that are placed on the tables or for flower vases. Tables are also a great piece of furniture that can be created with an element of metal accents on them by designing them with metal curves.

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